Ideas on Home Office Lighting and Dining Room lighting

Lighting up any area of your home enhances the overall decor and makes the space look inviting, warm and comfortable. With these home office lighting and dining room lighting ideas you can effortlessly enhance your home decor.

Home Office Lighting
A simple desk and chair with a cabinet can make up a home office. When you add the correct light fixtures to this simple setup, it transforms into an inviting space where you can work productively. Layering or combining ambient light with task lighting is one way to go about planning the lighting in your home office. Start with ambient lighting; small overhead fixtures are useful while working, reading or checking emails in your home office.
Cabinet lights or rope fitted inside bookcases or cabinets is a good idea. These lights double as beautiful accent lights and task lighting. While designing home office lighting, remember that a light source should be placed behind your chair while working on the computer for better visibility. This helps create a healthy and productive setting for working. Overhead lights or floor lamps can function as this task lighting. As the home office is largely a functional space, adding elegant light fixtures can brighten the space wonderfully.
Dining Room Lighting

Choosing the right fixtures for your dining room lighting can greatly enhance your dining space. Opt for stylish lamps and sconces and supplement the light from these fixtures with ceiling lights. Chandeliers may be used in combination with table lamps and sconces for a sophisticated look. Add flickering candlelight to the dining space decor with classic candle holders and candle stands. Flameless candles are a good choice as they can be left unsupervised. It’s easy to transform your dining space by swapping the existing fixtures for new ones.
Besides the decorative element, it’s important to include task lighting in the dining room. The china hutch, where you store and display serveware, linens, etc. can be illuminated with in-cabinet lighting. Shed light inside the cabinet by using rope lights or have it fitted with cabinet lights. Add sconces or floor lamps on either side of the china hutch to illuminate the space well. If you have decorative accents like potted plants or wall art or a picture gallery in the dining room, accent lighting is a good idea. Use track lighting or sconces to focus a beam of light on these decorative accessories.
It’s easy to create well-lit, welcoming spaces with these home office lighting and dining room lighting ideas.