If my realtor is lying about how much other homes sold for and I bought based on this info, can I sue her?

She send me a list of all the homes sold recently and some were wrong or were omitted. She got this information on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). She overinflated the prices so that I can overpay for the homes. I just bought a home but now I'm learning that the homes were sold for lower than she claimed.

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As long as she had no reason to believe the numbers were incorrect (the MLS is a very reliable service), she is not at fault. You can verify the actual sale records, and if you find she knowingly inflated the prices, you might have a small case (I'm not sure how you would figure out how much you overpaid) – more likely you could use it as leverage to void the home sale and have her pay the penalties if applicable. Again, you would have to prove she intentionally did it.