If thousands of people arrive on British shores in 2014 would it be a INVASION?

Liberals etc;PLEASE don’t report me and have this question DELETED by Yahoo Answers Team Stasi.


I want an answer and so do the British people.Banning debate is cowardly and weak.

Let this one be answered.

The Liberals are allowing this invasion and stifling the debate against it.These questions are being deleted by Yahoo Answers Team on the recommendation of the Left.

We deserve an answer as this feels to me to be an invasion.

Stephen – Patronising twit….The fact is Stephen you don't answer the question.This is not a trip to learn of new cultures.This is a trip to change a culture…destroy it.

First and foremost, there is no IF about it, this is going to happen and it will begin on January 01, 2014.

Those that continue the LIB/Lab/Con stock rubbish that these people will do the jobs that Brits will not do, continue to avoid the real reason behind this. It is really simple, so pay attention and try to understand.

If you are a British Citizen, you are subject to a cost of living that means you need to earn a certain amount just to pay the rent, utilities, energy, food, council tax etc.

I have a relatively small Mortgage, my total bill payments per month come in at around £750. Add to that food, and fuel to travel to work, and of course the car payments and we quickly get to about £1000.

My disposable income after all bills paid is around £200 per Month or £50 per week.

If I were renting a similar sized property, my net balance at the end of each month would be Minus £100 per Month, I would have to have benefits just to pay the rent, and therefore I would have nothing left by way of disposable income.

If I were in the UK as (lets say a Romanian immigrant), I would be living in a similar sized house, and I would be sharing it with 6 or 7 other immigrants, by sharing the bills which would include £100 each a week in rent (That is how those that bring immigrants over make their money), I would be vastly better off. Even more because even though I would only have £100 to £150 per week disposable income after all bills are paid, that money is worth 4, 5 or even 6 times as much by the time it arrives back home.

I will work longer and harder because to me, I am on a fortune and my family at home are seeing a massive improvement on their living standards. The British, if there are any in my work place, are working just to keep a roof over their heads, they are not making enough to pay for nice clothes, holidays, and a lifestyle of substance, they are existing.

Their wages will not go up at a fraction of inflation, and every increase in any utility such as the recent 10% hike in energy will be devastating on their purse strings.

Tens of thousands of decent British people have simply given up the fight, they have stopped trying to pay their own way because they do not gain anything, so they end up completely on benefits.

9.5 Million Brits are on part time hours, desperate for more, but unable to get the work. According to the Government, these people are employed, so the stats look good, but the fact is that most of these people rely on one or more benefits in order to stay afloat.

650,000 Brits currently reliant on food banks to put a meal on the table

We have an infrastructure that is buckling under the strain of those that are here now, yet our weak and treacherous Political morons do nothing to stop what is happening, they continue to try and convince the public that all is well, they say that we do not have too many immigrants already, yet look at the centre of Reading, or Portsmouth, Southampton, Leeds in fact every City in the Country, the number of Mosques going up, then go to the Taxi rank, and check out how many drivers are British, against those that are Asian or Romanian or Hungarian, walk into any hospital and ask a cleaner for directions, just check how many of them are British or have been in the Country for more than a few years.

I accept that many will call my views racist, but they are not. We need people to do these jobs, of course we do, but wages are so suppressed, and the cost of living so high for the average British person that taking the jobs is not an option.

The government talk about saving us £200 a year by doing this or that, but come on, £4 a week will barely by you a pint, or a 'T' shirt. How about an inflation matching pay rise, how about a living wage which is apparently more than £9 per hour.

If the Government and all the financial authorities agree that a living wage is over £9 then how in the hell can they expect the population to survive on part time or full time jobs that pay £6.25 for Nationals and considerably less for those that come here and live in virtual communes to make money they send out of the Country?

We need to understand that those who are coming have been gearing up to it for a number of years, they will mainly come for work, but we are also aware of the tens of thousands of Roma Gypsies currently camped in and around French cities chomping at the bit to get here, and these people have no intention of doing anything other than what they do at home, I will not elaborate on that, I would just ask you go on line and look at what they get up to at home, it does not make for good viewing.

We are powerless to stop any of this, I hope that those who may find what I have said in this offensive, are the first port of call for the worst of those that are coming, you deserve it. But please don't moan about it, after all, according to you and the Political elite you continue to support and defend, the problem does not and will not exist.

Worst of all for me, is that many voters will think that the solution lies with either the Conservatives, Labour or the Liberal Democrats, yet all three of these parties are totally opposed to the only possible solution, which is leaving the EU. So long as we are in the EU we must comply in full with the ECHR, and that means we cannot stop them coming. We cannot change our obligations under the ECHR, we cannot alter a single word, just understand that, above all the rhetoric you are going to hear, beyond all the spin and all the tactics that will be used, nothing that any of these parties propose can have any effect at all on the inward migration NOTHING!. Leaving the EU and only leaving the EU, will enable us to control our borders, remove all those that do nothing to benefit the UK and have the power to deport the thousands that we currently detain or variously monitor at great cost whilst we try to get the European Courts to agree to our deportation requests.

I have coped and pasted this response onto a word document and I will past it back with whatever is the current situation in November 2014.