Improve your home on a tight budget

So you are on a tight budget and can’t afford more than a few bucks to spruce up your home, right? Well, no issues. We can very well take care of it. All you need is a helping hand and a few tips of course, on how to give your home a makeover in a cost effective manner. As a matter of fact, it’s as simple as a piece of cake with the tips that you will encounter in the following paragraphs. And before reading further, be aware that these steps won’t change your house into a palace; but yes, they definitely will make a difference.

  • Furnishings: It can mean a lot more than mere pieces of wood, when it comes to changing the overall look and feel of your home. And yes, changing old furniture and replacing them with new ones doesn’t cost much. Well it will cost you, but won’t burn a hole in your pocket for sure. So go on and get a few new cushions, curtains and throws for your living room. If you have some old clothes which still look beautiful but unusable, then you could just hand them over to a tailor and get them stitched into beautiful pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, curtains, chair cases etc. Now that’s called thinking like Mr. Scrooge Mc Duck.
  • Paint: It is something which is not timeless. The colour that was in fashion during the 90s (remember the innocence of romantic pink?), may not be in trend anymore during the 21st century. So, change the colours on your wall and sync them with those which are in trend at the moment (Wall paints does not cost much). Alternatively you could go for some cheap wallpapers, which are trendy
  • Accessories: The very word paints up the image of expensive Rembrandt paintings and costly chandeliers in the minds of laymen who grew up feeding on a diet of classic Hollywood movies. But that need not always be the case. You can turn any useless scrap lying in your attic or junkyard, into a beautiful looking accessory for your home. All you need to spend for this is some creativity and a few hours of your leisure time.
  • Art: And as for art and expensive wall paintings…well, just forget it. Who would go to an auction, when you could get high quality prints of original artworks for a very cheap price? Frame them well, and nobody would ever doubt them to be cheap prints. You can also click a few beautiful snaps of interest all by yourself, if you are a good photographer. Later on you could get them printed and framed.