Information About Building a Garage with Plans

Have you decided you are going to be building a garage?  With plans this can be a relatively painless undertaking, though it will be time consuming.  If you are handy enough to do it yourself, then congratulations, but you’ve got your work cut out for you.  In order to truly save money and save time (we all know contractors have some serious time management issues) you will need to be skilled not only with construction but also in electrical wiring and foundation laying.  However, if you happen to find yourself muttering “electrical, wha?” under your breath you may want to leave construction to the professionals.

Building a garage with plans is quite the involved process with many steps.  The first step is deciding on the site location and the desired size of the structure.  To give you an idea, the smallest size you can get away with is  about 12×24 feet.  This size is fitting for a one-car that is of a compact nature.  A large truck or SUV will not fit in this space comfortably and you will risk damaging the car doors upon opening them if you are not parked just right.  To get a good idea of the size your garage should be measure your vehicle(s) with the doors open and the hood and trunk up.  After measuring you will know your minimum space requirement and from this point you can factor in any additional space needs for storage and shelving units.

Once the size and general plans have been decided on the next step will be to meet with the local building control offices.  This department will provide you with all information pertaining to local laws and building codes and issue any permits you will need to begin your project.

It would also be wise to seek out the professional services of an electrician and possibly a plumber as well.  Expect to provide them with copies of your building plans and possibly their subcontractors as well who will be assisting building a garage from plans.  Knowing in advance how many copies of your plans you will be expected to provide will assist you with your budgeting.

Your next course of action to take will be to either purchase the numerous copies of plans you have found on the internet or the home improvement store or to fully develop your custom made plans.  If you have scrapped the idea of drafting your own plans don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s not an easy thing to do.  So, assuming you have decided to purchase plans be sure to read customer reviews from any website you may be purchasing from to make sure it is a legitimate source of plans.

Lastly, create a detailed list of materials so you can budget accordingly for building a garage.  Plans that only include the bare minimum of materials needed to create the structure will not give you an accurate representation of your total budget costs because this list will not have any materials used for detailing such as paint, siding, or molding, just to name a few.  While you may be thinking: ‘it’s just a garage, why spend extra money on looks’ you need to keep in mind that a garage that does not match the exterior of your home will depreciate the value of your overall property.  So, if you ever want to sell in the future, make the garage look good.