Is Make Natural Power The Best DIY Energy Guide?

The best thing about Make Natural Power is its cover. Everything beyond that was disappointing to say the least. Although it appears to have all the features of the the other guides, the information is very thin and not well-explained.

You will be able to build a solar and wind power system, but it will take you a very long time, unless you have great technical skills.
* Poor diagrams
Not only were the diagrams for both the solar and wind power instructions boring and dull, but they were badly labeled and and not even to scale.
* Low quality solar power system
Since the diagrams and instructions were difficult to follow, the reader has to make too many assumptions resulting in a low-quality solar panel, if any at all.

* “Thin” maintenance information
We eventually did get our windmill to work, however, since the maintenance instructions were so incomplete, our wind turbine only managed to last 2 months, until it finally seized. It turns out they forgot to tell us how to make the windmill weather-proof.
* Slow customer support
On many occasions we required customer support to help us fill in the blanks. However, by the time we received a response we had forgotten what we had asked them for in the first place. By our experience, you can expect to wait on average 5 days for support.
Make Natural Power at home was obviously created by someone trying to copy Earth4Energy, and it shows in the guide. It was badly written, incomplete, and an absolute waste of our time.