It’s a kitchen-and-more.

It’s a kitchen-and-more

The friendliest room in the house is a product of evolution. It

started as what we used to call the kitchen, but now it has grown to

become more of a gathering spot where family and guests can eat, sit,

relax, watch or help with meal preparation, and enjoy being together.

On these 10 pages, we show nine expanded Western kitchens that

incorporate sitting and eating areas–and, in a few examples, elements

from a family room: fireplaces, library walls, stereo and television

centers, and comfortable couches and chairs.

All of these rooms share an informal atmosphere that celebrates

food, family, and friends. Out of necessity, the cook has been brought

back into the center of attention –because, in these busy times of

two-income households, the expanded kitchen also is the logical

gathering place for those compressed hours between work and sleep. As

one homeowner puts it, “When I get home from work, it seems I have

to spend most of my time in the kitchen, and I refuse to feel cut off

from my family.’

These new-style kitchens are also space efficient. It’s as if

a one-room cabin had been constructed in the middle of the

house–there’s less and less need for separate living and dining

rooms. Instead, their functions overlap around the kitchen. In all of

our examples, interior walls were removed or space was added to make the

kitchens more expansive.

In our cover house, three separate rooms became one

The walls came down between a kitchen, family room, and attached

garage to create the 47-foot-long space at Sue and Mark Morris’s

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