Knowledge of the Materials

Your knowledge of the materials involved in your remodel project is important, especially if this is the first time you’re going into this particular kind of project. And, if the products and materials are foreign to you, take heart. Home Depot and Lowes have amassed their fortunes making sure people (mostly non-professionals) have what they need and have a basic understanding of the things involved.

If you’ve been in one of the big boxes for any length of time, you’ll notice people talking to the staff about all kinds of things. Its sort of like an online forum, only one of the posters is a professional. Someone asks a question and the pro answers or finds someone. Generally they’ll take you to where the materials are. That’s their job.

But, before you go, find out a few basics. You can do that at your computer. If you don’t know what materials might be involved—and very few DIYers do at the outset—search “your project” (ie. tile bath floor) using the Google Custom Search Box on the home page and YouTube and Google videos.

Then, get to the place that has the stuff (big box, plumbing supply, tile retailer, etc.). If you’ve done your research online, you’ll sound like you have some experience and you won’t sound like a newbie. Of course, you should click around on this website, too. Its developed to offer the DIY homeowners tips, ideas and knowledge of the materials and processes!