Leaving your home city?

Have you left your home city for good to go somewer nicer (perhaps you didnt like your home city). Im thinking about leaving my home city when im done in university cos i think its general full of cruel and unpolite people. I want to go live in america or maybe new zealand. If you have ever done this would you recommend it? Was it a bad idea/expensive/a move to somewhere worse?


I left home when I joined the military, and have only been back for visits, about every 5 years or so. Life is an adventure, and moving certainly is. I am moving again in a couple of months, this time because I want to. I will be 6000km from where I live now, and will have to send my daughter back and forth (her mother and I are divorced), but the place I am going to is another adventure, and I am looking forward to it.

But, cruel and impolite people are everywhere. And, so are nice people. You need to seek out the ones that you get along with best, wherever you are.