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Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc. v. RealSelf Inc., 2:08-cv-10089-PJD-RSW (complaint filed Jan. 7, More generally, regardless of who wins these specific lawsuits, Lifestyle Lift will never succeed at stifling negative discussion about its offerings.

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In March 2010, a lawsuit was brought against Lifestyle Lift for a death that occurred during a procedure in their Waltham, Massachusetts facility. Wikipedia entry on Lifestyle Lift ; Some critical input on Lifestyle Lift; Some patient reviews of Lifestyle Lift;

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Charlotte, NC. – They call themselves the largest group of facial plastic surgeons in the country. They also advertise on ABC Action News. But Lifestyle Lift is currently under investigation by Florida’s Attorney General.

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A patient had gone into the Waltham, MA clinic in order to undergo cosmetic surgery that, according to the slogan of Lifestyle Lift, would “transform your life.”

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Lifestyle Lift agreed to pay a $300,000 fine for creating fake reviews of the surgery online, two ongoing lawsuits alleging false advertising filed in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, and several claims from unsatisfied patients.