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Assessing Mobility Characteristics And Activity Levels Of …
Abstract—Although engaging in an active lifestyle is benefi-cial for maintaining quality of life, a majority of wheelchair users are inactive. This study investigated the mobility charac-teristics and activity levels of manual wheelchair users in the

Practising The Good Life/The Good Life In Practices
Conference focusing on lifestyle mobilities, including lifestyle migration, amenity migration, counter-urbanization migration, international retirement migration and residential tourism.

Scott Cohen | University Of Surrey –
We conceptualise a lens of ‘lifestyle mobilities’ that challenges discrete notions of, and allows for a wider grasp of the increasing fluidity between travel, leisure and migration.

Ethnographies Of Mobility International Seminar
Their lifestyle may be characterized with the term vagabonds. But can those people also seen as a certain elite of their society because of their mobile strategies? Marginal Moroccan Mobilities Marko Juntunen University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland

Programme | Practising The Good Life / The Good Life In Practices
14:30-16:30 Panel 2: Community, belonging and identity in lifestyle mobilities. M. Korpela – Western lifestyle migrant children defining home and belonging in Goa, India. A. Ahmed – Retired British women living in the Costa Blanca:

Surf Mobilities & Place Attachment Part 1, Lifestyle
Part of the talk given by Dr Jon Anderson on Surf Mobilities & Place Attachment at the Lifestyle Mobilities session, Royal Geographical Society, London, 2011.

The Contested Spaces Of Lifestyle Mobilities: Regime Analysis …
2009/3 Contested Spaces of Lifestyle Mobilities and Regime Analysis Summary ren der Stadtentwicklung ab. In dieser Hinsicht werden vor allem subjektorientierte Praktiken der

8th December 2011, Dunedin, New Zealand – University Of Otago
Australian and New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies Biennial Conference, 6 – 8th December 2011, Dunedin, New Zealand Call for Papers on: Leisure and the Mobilities Turn.

Media Coverage New European Mobilities: Education, Migration …
The New European Mobilities: Education, Migration and Employment Symposium took place on Monday, European migrant experiences including lifestyle migration; education and the relationship with employability and mobility, the need for portable social protections and the impact of migration on

Mobilities – ResearchGate
Description. Mobilities encompasses both the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital, and information across the world, as well as more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public space, and the travel of material things within everyday life.

Reduce living costs and live out a more sustainable lifestyle. Such is the case of urban to rural migration. geographical mobility options – international migrations and internal mobilities – as related to current youth mobilities.

There And Back Again? – DiVA Portal
Dutch lifestyle migrants moving to rural Sweden in the early 21 st century Marco EiMErMann it engages with discourses of mobilities, paying attention to interrelated em – pirical realities, representations and quotidian mobilities in different spatio-

Tara Duncan, Department Of Tourism, University Of Otago, New …
Lifestyle Mobilities: Intersections of Travel, Leisure and Migration. Ashgate, ISBN: 978-1-4094-5371-0. Duncan, T., Scott, D. G., & Baum, T. (2013). The mobilities of hospitality work: An exploring of issues and debates. Annals of Tourism Research.

Uysal, M., Perdue, R. And Sirgy, M.J. Eds.: Handbook Of …
The twin processes of lifestyle mobilities and place affi nities are inseparable and essential holders is a ff ected by tourists’ and other lifestyle migrants’ mobility and activities, creating confl icted and contested places. The authors raise a series of thought-provoking questions

Bibliography – Lifestyle Migration Hub – School Of Social …
Bibliography on Lifestyle Migration and Tourism-related Mobilities . Janoschka, M., 2011, “Habitus and radical reflexivity: A conceptual approach to study political articulations of lifestyle– and tourism-related mobilities”, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism,