Lights For The Dream Home

My Dream House

One of the best ways to transform your home is through the judicious use of lighting. For effective illumination doesn’t just light your home, it also confers safety, comfort, style and even a sense of drama to all your rooms. But that’s only if you do things right. Here’s your guide to lights for the dream home.

The key to getting the illumination right in your home is first to understand and then artfully apply the main types of lighting you have at your disposal. Essentially you have three main types – ambient, task and accent – and each one has its own uses and applications.

Ambient lighting comprises the main lights that give overall illumination to a place. All spaces need this light as it works as natural light to make it possible to function in an area. The main source is ceiling lights that provide direct ambient light covering the whole room. Another type is indirect ambient lighting which shines upwards and produces a more diffuse illumination. Or you could decide to combine both.

Task lighting is a specialised form of light used to illuminate spaces where activities are carried out. In the home, reading and cooking are the most common activities. Examples are the use of special reading lamps, and pendant lights that hang down from the ceiling in the kitchen to provide the illumination you need to function effectively.

Accent lighting, the third main type, works to highlight special objects and areas. These can include paintings, porcelain pieces, flower arrangements and tapestries, for example. Ceiling mounted spotlights and track lighting are popular here, along with floor lamps which direct their beams upwards. Another popular application is cabinet lights that work to accentuate objects on a shelf such as vases and ceramic pieces. Task lighting can also balance ambient lighting by bringing light to shaded corners.

Now that we’re familiar with the various types of lighting, it’s time to consider the types of fixtures available. Lighting fixtures are the structures that hold and provide power to the bulbs. They vary as to the types of light you wish to install, the effects they produce and also how they themselves look. For example, recessed lights are extremely sleek and stylish in appearance, while chandeliers offer a timeless elegance to any setting. Meanwhile, track lights are an extremely flexible solution to your accent lighting needs. These are long tracks that can hold as many spotlights as you wish (space allowing).

Once you’ve installed your lighting, you can tweak the settings until you’re completely satisfied. Track lights can be adapted to take pendant lights, for example. Plus, you can try various bulbs to see the result. Different bulbs create differing warmth, clarity and brightness, each of which can make a tremendous difference to the atmosphere of your rooms. You can also experiment with shades until you get the desired effect. Other tools at your disposal include dimmers which allow you to set the lighting to your chosen level.

The type of bulb is important for both the quality of the light and the atmosphere it creates. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm yellow light and are best for spaces such as the living room; fluorescent lights give a bright white light that’s effective but can be harsh. It’s best for use in rooms like the kitchen where work has to be done.

Now that you know the mechanics of lights, you should determine the following three matters about each room – what tasks will be carried out there, what mood or atmosphere do you want to create, and what type of illumination will provide a comfortable environment. This will guide you to getting the right lights for each room and thus transforming your home. A great way to get inspiration is to browse the web sites of lighting wholesalers and see the range of products you have to choose from.

One exciting thing to remember is that the world of illumination is a constant state of development. You can now get modern lights that offer great versatility. An example is the dual purpose light that comprises one lamp shining upwards to the ceiling to create ambient light with a standard lamp that creates task lighting for reading. These types of lights offer great flexibility and allow you to illuminate your home with ease and convenience.

You can find the best in modern and traditional illumination by visiting the web sites of online lighting wholesalers. By buying your chandeliers online, along with all your other needs, you can get the widest range of products at the best prices.