Know The Lingo!


Its easy sometimes to get confused with the construction lingo when your contractor uses unfamiliar terms. Most of what’s said you probably understand perfectly, but some, well … maybe not so much. Like “How ’bout we cantilever over the cricket and add a rake fascia?” Before you give them the thumbs up, see what they’re saying. Click construction dictionary.

The NEW jargon, however, in this era of eco-planetary awareness is geared toward the ecology. More and more the materials and the work is going green. What’s your carbon footprint? Do you know what your embodied energy is? What’s the difference between Passive Solar and Active Solar? For a closer look, check out the “Green Speak” at TALKIN’ GREEN.

Finally, if you’ve hired a local contractor like Roofs by Rodger, you may need to know what your contractor really means when he says what he says.

Here’s 10 tips for making sure
your contractor measures up:

1. Hire licensed contractors only.

2. Check a contractor’s license number with the state.

3. Get three references; review past work.

4. Get at least three bids.

5. Get a written contract, and don’t sign anything
until you completely understand the terms.

6. Never pay more than 10 percent down or $1,000,
whichever is less.

7. Don’t let your payments get ahead of
the work; keep records of payments.

8. Don’t make a final payment until
you’re satisfied with the job.

9. Keep a job file of all papers
relating to your project.

10. Don’t pay cash.

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