Local Home Improvement Contractors in Central Florida

Hiring a contractor can be a challenge. There are always a bunch of local home improvement contractors in the phonebook to choose from. Unfortunately, many of these contractors with a shady reputation have given the others a bad name. Your best bet when finding a home repair contractor or home improvement contractor is to use word of mouth. A contractor whose reputation is good with the people he has done work for is a good indicator that they are going to do a good job.

Being in the home improvement/repair business myself, I have seen many companies come and go. These “fly by night” contractors have done a great disservice to the names of all contractors by ruining the reputation of many home improvement/repair contractors.

In my area alone, there are at least 20 or more local home improvement contractors and at least 50 home repair contractors. So how do you choose?

In this article, I have listed the top three home repair/home improvement contractors in my area, Central Florida. It was tough to narrow down just three, but the reputation of each individual and their company makes each contractor stand out in their field.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal of Central Florida is based out of St. Augustine, Florida, but does work in the entire state of Florida. Being licensed and insured, Curb Appeal does a great job handling the largest to the smallest of jobs. Besides doing large commercial jobs such as curb replacement, demolition and commercial maintenance, Curb Appeal excels in small jobs also. Specializing in concrete work, Curb Appeal will pour a small slab or sidewalk for a home improvement project or pour concrete for a dumpster pad in a commercial outlet mall. Proprietor Dan Brennan oversees each one of the company’s projects personally and completes each home repair or home improvement project in a timely manner. Quality is a definite must with Curb Appeal. If you’re in the East Central corridor of Florida, Curb Appeal is a great choice for your home improvement or home repair needs. Dan Brennan of Curb Appeal can be contacted at (904) 814-9012.

J.E. Brennan Corp.

J.E. Brennan Corp. of West Central Florida is a licensed and insured State A general contractor able to build anything in the state of Florida. James Brennan has been in business for over 30 years. With a great reputation for quality and timely work, James Brennan is the top choice for home improvement work or home repair. Handling all of the projects personally makes this contractor a great person to work with. From building skyscrapers to custom homes, J.E. Brennan Corp. will work with any home or business owner in finding a fast and economical solution to any of your home improvement/repair needs. James Brennan can be contacted at (352) 726-4058 or emailed at jebrennancorp@gmail.com

BBB Home Improvement

Triple b home improvement is also located in West Central Florida and is licensed and insured. Tackling mostly smaller jobs, triple b is better suited to home improvement on the design type scale for custom homes and projects. They have been well known for their skills in interior design. From painting custom murals to tackling custom tile, triple b home improvement does a great job doing custom work for those special projects. While they have been known to do just about any home improvement project they also do home repairs as well. You can contact Eric Brennan at (352) 897-4317

While these three home improvement contractors are limited to Florida, they are the three best contractors in the state in my opinion. Each one has a long list of satisfied customers and eye catching work done professionally and economically.