Lodge Decor – For A Home As Cozy As A Cabin In The Woods

The lodge decor style has an appealing quality that creates a “safe haven” feeling of a cabin in the woods?

When beginning this decorating process, let your imagination take you to being stranded in a snow storm in the middle of the woods, but at the same time, being safe and warm in your little cabin. Snow falling, warm fire crackling, cozy blanket to wrap up in on your favorite sofa. With these images in mind, there is no doubt that you will be inspired to create a cozy cabin atmosphere in your home.

It’s not that you have to live in the middle of the woods to be able to create this lodge decor style feeling successfully. Simply allowing your imagination and creativity to take over will enable you to express this idea through decorating techniques, furniture and accessories. You can use outdoor themes, such as, pinecones, black bears or moose to help you with accomplishing your lodge or cabin theme.

The abundant presence of wood, either for the floors, walls or both, has an amazingly warm affect. If you have wood flooring, enhance its beauty with a braided rug or lodge rug for an important accessory in any room. These style rugs fit perfectly with lodge decor. If you do not have wood flooring, you can still use these area rugs on top of your existing carpeting for added color, texture, and warmth. If you don’t have wooden wallcoverings, you can consider painting techniques, or use wallpaper that has a log or wood pattern. There are some wallpaper patterns that are very realistic.

Another wallcovering idea that has rustic appeal is stone. Especially for one wall in a room, while the others are painted or wallpapered. Cultured or manufactured stone works best for this project, as they look and feel like real stones, but are much lighter and easier to apply.

Choose rich, warm colors when considering curtains, furniture, or wall covering. Warm colors are an essential element for establishing a cozy home. Of course, there is a characteristic in plaids that are associated with cabins and lodge style decor. You can incorporate this print with pillows, curtains or by placing a plaid blanket over the back of a chair or sofa.

Rustic lighting, such as, metal lamps and wall sconces, are the perfect lighting sources for supporting your lodge decor theme. Also, don’t overlook the switchplates, as they can be treated like a wall decoration.

The lodge decor style, also sometimes considered cabin or rustic decor, can be created throughout your home, or if you want, only in one or two rooms. It blends well with all country decor styles, so whichever way you prefer, it will transition well from one room to the next.