Loew’s Home Improvement – Have You Shopped at Loew’s?

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Loew’s Home Improvement stores with my grandfather, who was a general contractor. I would go into the store with him once or twice a week to pick up the materials he needed for a job, and to this day whenever I walk into a store I’m reminded of pushing a huge cart. Even though I’d sometimes run the it into people or display racks, my grandfather always let me push the cart when I asked him to. I remember him having a great rapport with the people who worked there, and we were constantly stopping to talk to one employee or another. They always seemed extremely knowledgeable and kind, and I genuinely looked forward to visiting with them whenever we went shopping there.

To this day, whenever I need materials for a project (which isn’t very frequently, I’m not very handy), I look forward to walking through the automatic doors and breathing in the scent of the wood that is sold there. Like the days when I was a child, the store employees are still very nice and they always seem to know what they’re talking about. Unlike at other chain stores, I never hesitate to ask an employee a question. Without fail at Loew’s Home Improvement stores, if the employee I ask doesn’t know how to help, he or she will find somebody who can.

I really get the feeling as though Loew’s Home Improvement stores are bigger versions of the small town shops you see in old movies. Everyone’s friendly and willing to lend you a hand. For me, Loew’s Home Improvement stores are the only ones I’ll go to for home related things. The store has really built a relationship with me, and I’m happy to take my paycheck there (even if it isn’t with my grandpa).