Looking into a online home based business?

Hello, I am looking to work from home and was looking into home based data entry businesses online…like filling out surveys and such for companies. I was just wondering how legit these were and if it has worked for anybody else.

Most home jobs you will only make minimum wage. The time and effort is not worth it. There is a ceiling involved with it. Survey's- don't get your hopes on making enough money, they're fun to do, but not enough income. Too many little things that you don't know until you start doing them. (if you want more information on it, feel free to email me and I'll explain to you in detail.

If you really want to work from home and make a sufficient amount of income I suggest you start your own home based business. The income opportunity is much higher. Most home based business cost under $500. Some cost more depending on what it is you want to do. I don't know what you like to do, so I can only tell you what my husband and I started over six years ago and point you out to some others to take a look at. Ours well supports our family of six. We have four children ages 10, 6, 3 and 1.

We got involved in the telecommunications industry.

With a world wide company that's over 15 years old. We've been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 rated us the 22nd fastest growing company. They offer services that people use every day and pay for anyway, but now they can have a lower cost. Services such as local and long distance phones, Internet, digital phones, video phones (you can see the person your taking to live)VOIP, Satallite tv, and all the major cellular phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltell, Nextell etc. have partnered up with them too.

How many people do you know, or know of, that uses or has one or more of these services? How would you feel if you could save people money on services that they're most likely already using, if not you can offer them the service, and everytime they pay their bills each month, you make a percentage off these bills every single month. Huge income opportunity. It's incredible how much money is involved in this industry.

If you'd like more information feel free to email me and I'll be happy to pass it along to you.

I also created a blog on my 360 page on home based business's. There's over half a dozen different ones to take a look at. Your more then welcome to browse through them. If you find one that's interesting, contact the person who wrote it and they can point you out in the right direction.

Tiffany !