Loving Your Home

Homes are an extension of ourselves. We have bodies, which act as the home for the soul, and we have houses that are the homes to our bodies. We need to take care of both with respect and dignity. If we do not take care of either, we get physically ill and the homes will become shabby and un-liveable. Think about those homes who rarely get cleaned or that do not receive any appreciation. How pleasant is it to live in those or just visit them?


Homes want to be loved, nurtured, and cared for. They thrive if they are kept clean. We do not have to be obsessed but we can, at least once a week, do a bit of tidying up and hoovering, and then once a month, a good, thorough cleaning. It sounds like a chore and it is, but a neglected home is a sign of a neglected soul, so do not be afraid to roll your sleeves up, put your hair in a pony tail, and start scrubbing; with love and appreciation.

Having appreciation for your home will bring great rewards. Say thank you for the comfort it brings, every time you walk in, and every time you go out. Say thank you for keeping everything safe and sound. Pay attention to your walls, run your hand on them as you go by, and have a little feel of love, and comradeship and do the same with everything you have in your home. Everything has consciousness; everything is energy in one form or another, and when we learn to love everything, everything will love us back, and our homes will be much more comfortable and nurturing.

For those things in your home that do not serve you any more, pass them on to someone else that might need them. When they are no longer needed, and eventually are disposed of, at least they will have had a good life, exchanging love with all of those who they have come in contact with.

If we learn the concept that all is energy, and that energy is love, we learn to live with our surroundings, interacting in a way that has not been done before. This will create a much safer and creative space not just for our homes but also for all the homes of those nearby.

You can also interact with the objects in your home, and be thankful for the work they do: ‘thank you washing machine, thank you refrigerator, thank you table, thank you cooker’. Is this a silly way of living, or a new, aware and more spiritual way? It does not take very much to stay present and aware; it just takes a little practice and clear intention.

The times are calling us to change the way we have lived, from fear to love.

We start with ourselves, then with our homes, then with our surroundings, and slowly but surely the shift will occur; in fact it is already occurring. What we say, think and feel, always affects everything and it is catching. Change the way you interact with your own home, and it automatically will affect others. If you want someone to do as you do just set an example!