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The biggest problem with choosing a modern decor for any room – especially the bedroom – is that quite often it turns out to be uninteresting or even sterile. While the harsh, simple lines of a modern decor are beautiful and fashion forward, they aren't always exactly comfortable or cozy. Slightly more visually interesting modern bedroom furniture will add a little more plush to the bedroom, like modern bed frames with something unexpected to them. introduced new collections of the finest modern bedroom furniture designed by the premier suppliers of European and American designer furniture.

1. Leather or Suede

The easiest way to make a modern bedroom look a little more comfortable is to opt for a bed frame that's covered in either leather or suede. While most other materials are a little too busy for a modern bedroom, leather is an excellent modern material for a couple of reasons. First, it pairs excellently with the chrome-and-glass look that's so common in modern decorating, and because it gives a smooth, clean, slightly glossy finish that helps enhance the look. That said, a very cushiony leather headboard and baseboard, like the one on the leather Boxer Bedframe from Nuevo can add a nice pillowy touch to a room otherwise full of harsh lines. The surface is broken up with nice, evenly spaced little dimples that really help soften the overall look, but the whole bed frame is edged with chrome to ensure it has a slick, modern finish.

2. Snakeskin

Patterned leather can also be used to create a stunning textural focal point. While most materials used in modern decor are smooth and slightly glossy, snakeskin or croc patterned leather has an entirely different effect. For example, Nightfly bed frame by Rossetto– it’s sleek, it's slinky, and it's definitely eye catching. With a naturally varied but slightly reflective surface, this type of leather bed frame will catch the light and shimmer, showing off the scales and creating a tactile focal point for the bedroom – it's certainly anything but ordinary.

3. Play with Shape

No matter what the style, headboards all bear at least a passing resemblance to one another. That said, just because it's a bed frame doesn't mean it necessarily has to look like one. In fact, to make sure a modern decor is not too cold or sterile for a bedroom, the best bet is to opt for something like Eclipse platform bed by Rossettothat looks almost more like a sofa than a bed. The soft, scalloped headboard is thickly padded and comfy looking, adding a little curve to the decor to soften the edges of all those straight lines. It's still quite modern, with simple curves and playful clear feet that will catch the light and add a little sparkle.

4. Wood

When it comes to modern design, – it's usually MDF or plywood instead of solid wood, often done up in black or with a laminate espresso finish. Now, that's fine for what it is – MDF is environmentally friendly and looks good if it's done right. But if trying to add a slightly warmer, homier touch to the modern bedroom, it is recommended to look for a modern bed frame that contains at least some actual wood grain. For example, Wenge Bed Frame by Rossetto is a great option. Not only does it have gorgeous warm wenge wood veneers that will add a slightly natural touch to the modern decor, but it also comes with built in lights and changeable colorful square pillows to brighten the room both literally and figuratively. The slit lights to either side of the headboard stand in for table lights, and the two large pillows add a very modern-art canvas touch, a great way to add a bold color to a monochromatic decor.

5. Trick the Eyes

The reflective and translucent materials used in modern design, combined with the typical minimalist lines leaves more room than one might think to play with space. Something like the Diamond Black platform bed by Rossetto is specifically designed to look like it's floating in mid air. The frame itself is glossy, which helps enhance the impression that it's hovering, and the crocodile leather accents – not to mention the inclusion of Swarovski crystal detailing – make it visually stunning even besides the fact that it looks like it's defying gravity. There are plenty of modern bed frames available with this effect, or similar tricks as well.

So in order to add a little visual interest to a modern bedroom, keep it simple, but make it unexpected. is more than just a Home Improvement Superstore. They’re constantly seeking to provide homeowners and designers with the right products at competitive prices. With a wide selection of products, expert home design tips, and comprehensive shopping guides, Homethangs is a company that’s there at all stages of the design process, from idea to execution. It’s their goal is to make dream remodels doable.