Magnetic Generators – The Truth

Are they for real? Do they work? Can I purchase one from a store?

A Magnetic power generator is a type of free energy or zero point energy device. Free energy devices and zero point energy devices are names used for energy systems that are able to produce more energy than they consume. Or in other words their output power is higher than their input power.

Often people are sceptical and state that such a system is a not possible simply because they cannot comprehend it. But free energy devices have been used for generating energy for centuries – take the old fashioned windmill for example. Today we have solar panels that absorb heat, wind powered generators and tidal power stations all of which are zero point energy devices.

The magnetic energy generator concept is based on the perpetual motion created by magnetic power and charges. Perpetual motion is when a device or mechanism continually moves without stopping and without any outside assistance. Magnets are able to cause this never ending motion because of the natural charge that they hold.

What makes perpetual motion special is that it creates more energy than it uses. The plans for an electromagnetic generator allow us to harness this extra energy and then use it to power our home.

There has been a huge amount of research over the years into the efficiency of magnetic energy generators and these prove that it is a viable method for producing energy in the home.

There are no commercial devices readily available as yet but there is news that some of them are going through the mandatory government testing for safety and reliability before production can be approved. Within the next few months it is very likely that magnetic generators will be available commercially.

Apparently at least 3,000 devices or ideas have been produced but none have reached commercial production because of opposition from influential people who do not want such devices freely available. (Hence the conspiracy theory)

The permanent magnetic generators just so happen to be one form of free energy device that can be built reasonably inexpensively and is fairly simple to construct. There are several websites that are selling plans for the construction of magnetic power generators. They all come with very straight forward plans and instructions detailing how to build a magnetic generator that would power part of your home energy requirement.