“Marriage Fitness” by Mort Fertel – Review

If you’re looking for a cheap fix for your marital/relationship problems Mort Fertel might not be your guy as the “Marriage Fitness” program can get expensive. However, compared to traditional counseling it’s a relative drop in the financial bucket. And here’s some good news; Fertel offers two introductory modules absolutely free of charge so you can get a feel for the program before pulling out your credit card.

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Here is a breakdown of the modules in Fertel’s program and the associated costs:

Marriage Fitness Home-Flex: Marriage Fitness Home-Flex is a 9-Phase interactive multi-sensory relationship-changing self-guided system that gives you everything you need to transform your relationship. $399

7 Secrets For Fixing Your Marriage: Free

The Marriage fitness Audio Learning Program: 5 CD system that includes over 5 1/2 hours of listening including step-by-step instruction for how to save and restore your marriage, inspiring stories that will offer you hope and motivation, and special relationship practices that will turn your spouse around too. $69

7 Secrets For Fixing Your Marriage: Free

5 marriage assessments to help you determine the current state of your marriage: Free

Let me be candid; I’ve been happily married to the same wonderful woman for over 30 years. And while I’ve graciously been spared the unique displeasure of a broken relationship I have suffered along with several friends as they tried valiantly to hold onto or repair their once-storybook relationships. Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness was spoken highly of by two of them, so I have a couple of unsolicited and unbiased testimonials to help with this Mort Fertel review.

Additional research on the Internet did nothing to dissuade me from recommending Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel. I read many positive comments from people who, like you, were desperately seeking to repair relationships. I’ll admit to not having personal experience with Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel; I don’t have personal experience with Toyota’s either, but that would not prevent me from recommending one to someone. And based on the comments from my friends and those I found across the Internet I am confident in highly recommending the program for anyone who is willing to work toward improving their broken relationship.