What’s a Mechanical Permit

What's a Mechanical Permit?

You need a Mechanical Permit, when you are installing, replacing or relocating any heating or air conditioning equipment. This includes duct work  You don’t, however, need a permit for the installation of window air conditioners. They are not considered permanent.

Mechanical inspectors inspect the installation of the mechanical components of kitchen appliances, gas and butane tanks, as well as heating and air-conditioning equipment (hvac and ac equipment). Inspectors don’t really care how nice the actual appliance or item is. They only care about safety.

Venting units are part of the mechanical properties of your home and this includes: bath vents and fans, dryer venting, kitchen range exhaust systems and any other appliance or fixture that needs to be vented.

You probably will not be asked to provide a drawing or plan to get the permit, but the inspector will ask a few questions. For instance, you will be asked if there will be any new duct work or gas piping and if you plan to have any appliances added in the future. Also be prepared to briefly explain the project.

If you are putting a wood stove or fireplace (even gas) you will be required to show a Department of Environmental Quality Standards permit for the particular appliance. The inspector will check all this on inspection.

Usually, these meetings are short and you will be provided with information you can use to make the project better and safer. Most times you’ll leave with your permit. The fee usually must be paid before getting your permit and these fees are very reasonable. Remember: if you install any potentially dangerous thing in your home and did not get a required permit and someone gets hurt, you might be in a lot of trouble.

The order of inspection for a mechanical permit is:

A Rough-in Inspection: Made after all rough duct work is installed and after any required condensate lines and exhaust vents are installed.

A Final Inspection: To be made after all connections and all appliances are installed and working. Once this inspection is made and your work passes, you’ll be able to do the finish work, such as drywall and flooring.

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