Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean style includes Spanish, Italian and Greek influences. The interior decoration of the house reflects the natural beauty of Mediterranean coastlines. Mediterranean coasts have a warm and balmy climate conducive to outdoor living and this is effect is brought interior of the house. Mediterranean interior design is popular in the US to retain the old charm of Mediterranean styles and give an elegant touch to their house.

Types of Mediterranean Décor

The most famous Mediterranean decor are Italian, Spanish and Greek. Just check out the different themes. Italian style has marble floors and wooden ceilings. The house is weaved with style tapestry fabrics and wrought iron chandeliers. The furniture is usually ornate curved chairs and tables. Pottery, stone and ceramic works are a must inside the house. Large-scale upholstery and bright colors are common in Italian style house. The Greek decoration is more reserved than Italian. Furniture is upholstered in shades of blue and sea greens. Walls and floors are whitewashed. Spanish designs are opulent and use broad spectrum of colors. They are more similar to Italian styles. Spanish finishes are normally matte rather than shiny.

Mediterranean Interior Styles

Inside Walls

The walls should be textured and faux painted. Mediterranean style should reflect color scheme to denote the old and elegant fashion. Walls should be light and made of clay tiles. Colors like coral, beige, terracotta, buttery yellow, etc are ideal for Mediterranean interiors. A typical white colored wall renders exquisiteness along with blue, teal and tan accessories.


Appropriate fabric and correct placement is very important in Mediterranean decorations. Country side themes and tapestry wall hangings, are the most sought after designs. Cover furniture with the same designs with a touch of leather. Hint of Moroccan flavor looks sensuous in bedding and windows.


When you opt for furniture hardware, make sure they are heavy and polished. Buy furniture with ornate designs. Go for sturdy and pine furnishings. Plank tables and armories fit well in this type of design.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Sculptured tocco and ventilation hoods are common characteristics of Mediterranean kitchen. Wooden cabinets ceramic pots, food canisters, copper utensils, etc can be placed inside the kitchen. The bathroom can be designed with expensive fibers and huge bathtubs with golden or steel pipes. Mirrors with golden or copper frames look awesome.


For the floor opt for terracotta tiles and ceramic tiles. Mosaic tiles add beauty to backsplashes, steps and countertops. Kitchen also look gorgeous with mosaic tiles. Accessories like bronze pots and bronze urns look magnificent. Clad the interior with oil paintings and elaborate frames. Add greenery, hanging plants, candles and vines in iron pots to beautify the interior decor.

Mediterranean Exterior Styles

The beauty of the house is incomplete until the exterior is equally beautiful. Look for the Spanish and Italian Villas. Exterior walls should be flat finished. Smooth walls covered in large stones look beautiful. Paint with pastel colors. The roof can be flat and low. Use terracotta to keep the interior cool. Exposed wooden beams at the exterior, large windows and arched entrance are typical to that of Mediterranean fashion. A grand portico in the front with ornate iron work looks awesome. If you have enough space surrounding the house, plant pine tress, palm trees and include variety of small flowering plants. Give a lush green outlook at the entrance and pave the driveway with cement made of pebbles and cobblestones.

I hope you can imagine your house in Mediterranean style with antiques and exclusive designs. Make your house a stand point for people and let every visitor utter a ‘wow’ after seeing your home.