Melbourne Home Renovations That Increase Your Property's Value

Home renovations can be just as much about improving your lifestyle as increasing your property’s value. This article explores the home renovation hotspots that boost your Melbourne home’s value.

Renovating your house for style and comfort is one thing, but with a little foresight your home renovation can also increase your property’s value. Here are some tips and ideas to help you renovate your home to your style and increase the property’s value at the same time.

Modern facade: The adage that first impressions count is true in the case of your home renovations. Creating a modern facade tells people to expect modern style when they step through the front door. Simple updates to your facade, such as modern paint colours, a new front door or garage door, or rendering certain elements, can dramatically change perceptions of your property and its value.

Look to landscaping: A garden makeover helps your house look like a finished product. Using part of your home renovation budget on landscaping your front garden (adding colour via plants, and using some mature trees and rockery to create the look of an established garden) will help create a visually appealing and inviting space that makes your home appear the whole package.

Kitchens & bathrooms: Research reveals that when it comes to choosing a new home the primary carer is the person with the most influence. This means kitchens and bathrooms really do count. For renovating these rooms, think about ways to create a fresh and modern look. In vogue are clean lines and stone bench tops. If these rooms are attractive, you will enhance the home’s feel with the added bonus of increasing its value.

Open-plan living: These days open-plan living is a given. People want it and expect it too. Consider if your home renovation can open spaces within your house. You can also rearrange furniture and improvise with new ways to style your house that minimise clutter and create the impression of a spacious and more open look.

Bedrooms: In most cases, the more the better. If you can, use your floorplan wisely to increase the number of bedrooms. For example, creating wardrobe space in a study/office area can allow this room to double as a bedroom.

The backyard: Look at your rear yard space, and consider how it is currently set-up and how you use it. If it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, consider what changes could be made to make the space practical, attractive and more user friendly. You can keep it low-maintenance and cost-effective, but attractive and relaxed too. Some garden makeover ideas: creating an outdoor room with a decking, pergola or patio area; growing grass and creating garden beds or planting some established trees.

Case Study

One North Balwyn client recently opened up a kitchen wall to expose a picturesque view across a valley. Previously the owner had cooked in a dimly lit kitchen that was positioned away from the main living area where family and guests were. A home renovation, removing the wall, has opened up the space creating open-plan style living and brought natural light into her kitchen. Now she can enjoy her guests’ company as she prepares the meal and they all take in the view.