More DIY Christmas Hampers

One present is nice, sure – but getting a whole hamperful of little gifts to unpack is always a real thrill! And the best thing is that for quick, easy, cheap and convenient present-shopping, putting together a gift hamper is a great option, really gives something the personal touch, and only takes a modicum of time and imagination…

Master Chef

Cooking makes for an awesome hamper theme: load up a cooking pot or casserole dish with cute kitchen utensils and yummy goodies, or even better, go for the personal touch. Write up a favourite recipe on a card or print it out and roll it up as a scroll, and then provide all the non-perishables to make it in the gift pack! Try a mixing bowl with wooden spoon, cookie cutters or patty pans, sugar, flour, choc bits and nuts; or a colander with pasta, jar of gourmet sauce, nice bottle of red, and an Italian opera CD for starters…

Movie Night

Everyone loves putting up their feet for a great night in. A few choice cheap DVDs, a bottle of soft drink and big plastic cups, a bag of popcorn, a box of their favourite spherical chocolate treats to roll down the imaginary aisle, and a cosy throw rug for over the knees – then hope they invite you over to share in the fun!

Sports Fan

For the exercise fanatic in your life: anything themed in the colours or imagery of their team will go really well with that new water bottle, bat/ball/gloves/etc, sunscreen, energy drinks, sports towel…

Book Lover

Hit the remaindered book stores for a few interesting looking reads, and couple them with a mug and some tea, a bookmark, a clip-on book light, or a voucher for their best beloved book store or favourite magazine subscription.


Great for anyone just moving out of home, moving into a new place, or who just loves renovating. Roll up a home-improvements magazine into a little plastic toolbox, with a few key tools for getting handy around the house: hammer, screwdriver, pliers, paintbrush, some screws and nails and a tape measure will get any wannabe renovator off to a good start!


There’s a fabulous range of travel-size toiletries on the market now – add a neck pillow, breath mints, spare socks, a travel diary and luggage tags, and present it in one of those handy bags that zip up into pocket-size.

Survival Kits

Because everyone is facing a tricky time ahead at some point in their lives! For new mums, how about antiseptic wipes, throat lozenges, bath oils, herbal teas, and a personalized babysitting voucher? For teens, spare headphones, chewing gum, an iTunes voucher, phone credit, and a get-out-of-chores-free-day card? For party animals, the post-NYE kit with an eye mask, makeup remover, headache remedies, a bottle of water – and an ice pack…?!

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