Mylar Holographic Lasered Foil Windsocks

Mylar Holographic Windsocks are strikingly beautiful additions to any home, garden, or business. The 51-inch mylar strips are laser printed with a prism-reflecting surface that displays a breathtaking show of rainbow colors in sunlight or moonlight. Available in a variety of colors: red, blue, purple, green, gold, silver, magenta and black, these graceful windsocks can match any color scheme. Add an elegant touch to any wedding, shower, birthday party, anniversary, or garden gathering. Place outside windows for cheerful viewing from indoors. They attract butterflies and birds to flowers and feeders. Also useful for discouraging deer and intruding animals from houses, barns and gardens, and when placed near windows, help keep birds from flying into the glass by adding a distracting reflection.

During drab winter months, Mylar Windsocks can add a splash of color to any dull garden or deck. Be creative and combine many colors for Holiday Decor: red, silver and gold are great for Christmas. Make a proud patriotic statement with red, silver and blue windsocks. Easter brings a chance for several beautiful combinations. Our new black color mixed with gold is perfect for Halloween. Display School Colors during graduation or ball games.

The Mylar Windsock is weather resistant and the color can be revitalized by simply spraying with window cleaner.

Mylar Windsocks are popular with boat owners. Decorate watercraft, docks and boathouses with a flowing waterfall of color. Marinas carry these products for their boat loving customers.

Tired of the old overused flags and balloons on your car lots or business sites? Decorate with these unusual and dramatic eye-catchers and stand out from the rest. Great for boat shows, car sales, real estate open houses, sales and promotions.

Mylar Holographic Rainbow Foil Windsocks make a great gift for any age and are lightweight and easily shipped. The full line of colors can be viewed and purchased at

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