Natural decoration.

IF YOU’VE any bare spots left in the house and want to add

some natural foliage, berries or edible items to complete the festive

look in your home, there’s no shortage of possibilities.

And when Christmas Day has passed, you may want to revive your

decorations, as foliage starts to look past its best and certain

decorative items need replacing quickly so the arrangement lasts into

the New Year.

For my Christmas table this year, I’m taking a simple idea

which came from a visit to a top restaurant in London last Christmas.

Ideally you need a large plate or shallow bowl with a curved lip.

Place a medium-sized church candle in the centre of the bowl and pile up

oranges, festive nuts (with shells on) and small apples in the bowl

around it, so they go up to around a third of the candle’s height.

Then sift some icing sugar over the fruit and nuts, as if it were a

light sprinkling of snow. It looks fabulous and takes less than 10

minutes to do.

Cinnamon sticks are always worth adding to any door wreath which

has some bare patches. Just tie the sticks together with raffia raffia