Offering Your Services Versus Offering On Your Own

People job too hard at marketing their professional services or. offering on their own these days. It seems that nothing of us are having fun any longer and unless of course your buyer might have some sort of enjoyable they do not actually want to get involved. And, if you can’t get them to say ‘yes’ to your home staging services, pretty soon, it won’t be fun for you either. The problem? You don’t want to fully commit, but that is what it takes…full commitment.

Permit me to provide you with one example: Every year Chick fil a ; the sequence that operates a funny mouth in cheek promotion with cows promoting that you should ‘eat more chicken’ features a cow gratitude day…if you turn up outfitted just like a cow, with any cow theme, you get to eat for free. This past year 400,000 people clothed like cows. Their biz is up 12% and they do not open up on Sunday’s…They dedicated to anything personally and professionally and it operates.

So, the question is, what are you committing to? Now, lest all of us hop to a conclusion and assume I am recommending you connect a cow concept to each and every residence you phase, allow me clarify. These days the entire world needs to have fun. I need it, you need it and your client requirements it. Furthermore, it helps your organization to stand in addition to every other Home Stager which is stating exactly the same issue to the exact same potential customer.

What might you say or achieve that is different? Which will literally allow you to be noticeable, be appreciated and stay from the imagination of your own clients? For now, let’s stick with marketing, even though this is reminiscent of what we do with Pockets of Emotion