Opportunities and Connecting the Dots.

My first job was at a bank. I was in client support and due to hard work and dedication I was soon transferred to the credit department. Note that Banking and Finance was not my field of study. One year and a half later I was offered the position of head of the department. I would have been the youngest Head of Department in the bank. Within the next month I quit the bank. I started my own business. I was importing high end designer furniture from asia into europe. It was going great. Three year later I left the company for my father to administrate and took a job in broadcasting. I was working on TV Graphics and with in 6 months I became Head of the Visual Real Time Rendering department with the number 1 news channel in the country. Another two years later, I found myself 4500 miles away on a new continent. I was in mobile development and I loved it. In fact, I loved every job I had. I learned a unique set of skills from each and every one of them. I keep in touch with the people I worked with from all the jobs I had.

Making sense of it all

It is easy to connect the dots while looking back. It makes a lot of sense. The story might sound chaotic, but it is not. Let me explain briefly.

When I was a teenager I worked many hours helping my dad at home and my grandparents in the country side. I did not like doing that at all back then but I learned how to work hard. When I got my first job, hard work was