Patio Ideas for Backyard

A backyard is an extension of your home, and can be considered an outdoor living space. The design of the patio should not only make the backyard look beautiful, but should also serve practical purposes. This can be done with the help of proper planning. There are certain aspects that have to be kept in mind while designing your backyard. Before selecting any patio ideas, you should find out the purpose you want to use a backyard patio for. At the same time, the design should be a reflection of your personality as well.

How to Design a Backyard Patio?

Designing a backyard patio means full use of the abandoned backyard space into a useful living space. When using patio ideas for backyards, the shape and style is very important. If you wish, you can draw a sketch of how the space should look like, and then design it accordingly.


The shape of the patio should conform well with the surrounding area. Try to avoid a square patio as it looks very dull and boring. For a small space, you can keep the shape of the patio circular, as it will help in softening the hard edges of the house. This is one of the most popular patio ideas for small backyards, as it makes the area feel very cozy. If you have a wider backyard, then you can keep a part of it for a garden. Thus, you will feel closer to nature with a garden at the back. In case the backyard is long and narrow, do not keep the patio attached to the house, rather, keep a gap between the patio and house. The shape need not be confined to a distinct geometric shape; you can experiment with non-uniform shapes and use lot of planters to make the patio look even.


The style of your backyard should be able to complement the style and structure of your house. There are several varieties of stone and brick, with many colors that can be used to build the floor of the patio. For a traditional style house, the patio should have a touch and feel of the ancient world. Use classic brick to prepare the concrete, and complement this with wicker furniture for decoration. For a modern style house, the set up should be contemporary. You can include a cottage garden. If you want to give the patio a feel of comfort of a home, then create it against any wall of the house. While decorating such a patio, make sure the walls are painted with an attractive, bold color.

Backyard Patio Designs

Casual Patio

When you are looking for patio ideas on a budget, this one will be the best. Prepare the patio floor with concrete, which is quite affordable. Create a water wall on one side of the patio using acrylic sheeting and copper pipes. A solar spotlight can be used to highlight this wall. Choose teak furniture for this kind of patio. If there is enough space after all the pieces of furniture are arranged, then you can keep a fire pit made of copper next to the seating area. For lighting of the area, use solar lighting with a copper finish. On each of the dining tables, keep a bunch of pillar candles for better lighting.

Romantic Patio

The best part of a romantic patio is that it can be built in a very small space. You can surround the entire patio area with a picket fence. For warmth, you should decorate the space with lots of flowering plants. Keep them either in hanging baskets or in colorful containers. Keep a pergola and hang a chandelier at its center. The furniture should all be made of wrought iron. If you want to make arrangements for a dinner for two, then keep some beautiful table top candles on a small dining table, with two chairs. A garden swing with a gently gurgling fountain at the back will make the place all the more romantic!

Outdoor Kitchen Patio

The things that have to be included when you are building an outdoor kitchen patio are a grill area, a dining area, a bar area, a fridge, and a sink. If your patio is spacious, then you can create a lounge area too, with outdoor furniture, like sofas and a coffee table. An adequate number of dining tables with chairs have to be kept for dining. You can keep the grill and bar next to each other. Keep the dining area on the other side of the patio away from the grill area.

Hope you liked the patio ideas for backyard given in this article. If you implement these ideas you will be delighted with the outdoor living space that has been created, where you can have a great time with a group of friends and family members.