PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ — PECO Energy Company (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange : PE)

has formed another link between the Company and its customers,

shareholders, and the public. After a two-month pilot, PECO Energy is

making public its new home page on the Internet’s World Wide Web.

PECO Energy’s Internet address is: The Company joins about 50 utilities,

large and small, across the nation that have moved on to the information

superhighway in an effort to better communicate with the public. There

are an estimated 4,000 commercial sites on the World Wide Web.

Anyone around the world with Internet access can gain quick access to

in-depth information on PECO Energy, its history, operations, and

activities. Along with bold graphics and colorful pictures, the PECO

Energy home page offers answers to frequently-asked questions about its

service area, power plants and other facilities, electric and natural

gas rates, billing, energy management, safety, and seasonal energy tips.

It also provides financial and economic development data, and

information on the Company’s marketing programs for residential and

business customers. The Company’s stock price, updated each

half-hour, is displayed each time a user accesses the page.

PECO Energy encourages users to send comments for the Company via the

home page. The Company intends to develop additional ways to use the

page’s interactive capabilities in the coming months.

PECO Energy set up the new home page with help from LibertyNet, a

local non-profit Internet provider.


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