Plan A Sewing Room On A Budget

A dedicated sewing or craft room allows you the luxury of not having to constantly make the room look presentable. If you’re in the middle of a project you can just close the door when you have company. When you go back to your project, everything is just where you left it.

If you’re lucky enough to have such a space in your home or if you are planning to create one, here are some ideas for making the room more than just a place to store your sewing machine and notions. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to design a very special retreat where you can be creative and enjoy your surroundings.

Sewing Room Costs

If you think creating a sewing room involves shelling out thousands of dollars, take a look at the sewing room in this article’s lead photo. All of the cabinets pictured were purchased at a building surplus supply store for less than $500. The counter top material consisted of two sheets of laminate that were stuck in a discount bin at Home Depot. Each cost $10. One was cut in half to serve as the back counter and one was used full size to create the working peninsula. Minimal woodworking knowledge was all that was necessary to secure the counters onto the cabinets and trim it with simple molding and drawer pulls. The extremely inexpensive bookcases above the counter were from Ikea. Ikea is also a great source for reasonably priced base cabinets and a huge selection of table and counter tops in many sizes, styles and price ranges. With a little imagination, those pieces can be configured into any size work space for a sewing or craft room.

Sewing Room Storage

Having a place to store all your sewing needs is critical to keeping your room organized. Plan a variety of storage spaces, some enclosed and some open for items used regularly. Also vary the size of the storage spaces. Customize the inside of cabinets by using small baskets to contain similar objects. Include shelves for sewing books and miscellaneous supplies.