Purer and simple: faucet-mounted systems and pitchers have seen steady sales gains over recent years.

THE POINT-OF-USE WATER PURIFIER category, which includes

faucet-mounted systems and pitchers, has seen steady sales gains over

recent years and is poised for continued growth due in part to growing

consumer awareness and an aging water system requiring purification

beyond the treatment plant.

“A lot more attention is being paid in the news [to water

quality] and local water systems have more reporting standards,”

said Jennifer Mapes, industry analyst with research firm The Freedonia

Group. She said these factors, coupled with a heavy marketing and

educational push by water purifier makers has helped to spur sales.

Point-of-use water purifiers The Purifiers, also known as the Stryker Crusade, are a fictional paramilitary/terrorist organization in the Marvel Comics universe and enemies of the X-Men. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Brent Anderson, they first appeared in the 1982 graphic novel .