Question about home Hair Coloring & latest Hair Styles….?

I want to color my hair at home, but am really hesitant about it. I have in the past, when I was younger, and it turned out horrible. I just dont have the money to do it at a salon, and really want to clean up my look.

I have dirty blonde/brown hair and want to color it a light/medium brown with possible natural golden highlights. I do have a natural red highlight to my hair (no my hair doesnt look red at all, but it is something my stylist told me).

What is a good product and/or color to use?

Also…anyone have any photo ideas of new hair cut styles. My hair is about mid back in length and straight. It's been this way for so long and I'm tired of it! I want a hair is kind of damaged so I will probably end up having to cut a lot off. Any suggestions for medium length hair styles…..

Someone help, I'm gettin ready to turn 21 and I look 10!!!!

P.S….I like natural flowy types of hair. Think California Girl, but brunette. I dont like the emo, razor cut hair.

Stay clear of the ash colors. I use Revlon bc of the price, and go with the lighest brown or the darkest blond without getting the ash colors. Their colors are darker than you imagine when you look at the box. I have very dark brown and use a blond to lighten it a little. I had blond highlights and when I used the light brown, it was actually almost my natural color….almost black. I haven't tried the ones that have the natural highlight mixed in with them. I started going to the cosmetology school to get my hair done bc they do the best job and are cheaper than doing it at home. Get a good amount cut off with light layers. It will add definition and still flow. Side bangs are in right now and look amazing.