R2 infared heaters? do they work?!?

Does anyone have an r2 heater? Do they work? Is your electric bill high?

Im a first time mom doing this on my own I need to know the cheapest best working electric saving heater there is? Please help my little one is due in 2 weeks and I need to make sure my house is room enough for her.

My house is a little under 1000sq ft.

Hi Lyssa:

I see that you also asked this Question over in the “DIY” Category (which is better than here in “Camcorders”!), so hopefully you noticed your error.

As a tip, make sure you give the full brand and model information: RedCore Concepts “R-2” infrared heater. Sears and K-Mart both sell this model, and my advice is to visit a Sears store (appliance department) and ask one of the heating & air salespersons if the R-2 is sufficient for your home.

You also didn't state if your home has no central heating at all, and if it's a very old place (before central heat/air were common). These are also major factors.

The R-2 is rated at 5600 BTU, which is the main rating experts would use to determine the maximum room area it can efficiently heat. But you didn't say what city/area you live in, and climate data is a big factor in heating & cooling calculations. The R-2's 5600 BTU is sufficient for the space, in normal climates, but it might not be good for heating more than one room if their doors are closed.

With a newborn in the home, the R-2 specifications say “safe for pets & children” (the outer case stays cool), but you still need to keep your baby a safe distance from the direct heat output.

hope this helps,

–Dennis C.