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WINTER BATHROOM TRENDS STUDY up from just 35% pre-remodel. Homeowners 45+ are more likely to install two sinks (58%) Unique features adorn these small spaces. FURNITURE˝LIKE CABINETS PEDESTAL SINKS WALLPAPER HARDWOOD FLOORS 1.5X 2.5X 4X 8X

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Want to remodel your bathroom? Is there any water damage? Are you tired of your Magazines are a great place to find ideas. Buy the latest home magazines that have contractors see bathroom work as a small job and not as interesting as a larger

BATHROOM RENOVATION CHECKLIST This checklist is designed to assist you in planning your bathroom renovation with Author: Dynasty2 Created Date: 5/14/2012 2:15:33 PM

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2014 popular small bathroom designs with free photo gallery, When looking for remodeling a small bathroom ideas, If you are looking to remodel your house in 2014 but are at a loss for ideas,

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Small bathroom remodel ideas are a great help when looking to remodel any small bathroom space. If you do not live in a humungous house with an over sized bathroom, then you are likely to feel as though your space is slightly small.

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Average cost of an upscale bathroom remodel was $56,687 with a return at resale of $30,215, 53 percent. In small bathroom “linen towers” (tall narrow shelving with doors) For more ideas, visit HGTV Bathroom Storage and Better Homes and Gardens:

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas Remodel A small bathroom gets a green makeover with a new vanity, lighting, high-efficiency toilet and more.

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Refresh Your Bathroom This Spring by Decorating with Mirrors or Remodeling with Glass Shower Doors about decorating with mirrors to remodel your bathroom into that relaxing place you have always wanted it If these ideas still aren’t enough, you can add an entire new bathroom to your home.

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There are a number of things you can do to make your small bathroom look larger when you remodel.

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Small bathroom vanity cabinets and bathroom double vanity cabinets. Spacify contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets offers a simple and elegant design.

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Artful bathroom design is about packing efficiency, a sense of openness, and style into tight quarters. REMODEL IDEAS More space in small bathrooms Y ou can make even the tiniest bath work hard and feel big,bright,and bold BY PETER O. WHITELEY DAVID WAKELY (2)

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How to Remodel Small Bathroom : Remodeling small bathrooms is largely a matter space and cost. Bathroom fixtures can be elaborate in number and quality, often the selection is limited only by one's purse.

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Listens to ideas and puts the customer’s needs first. occur during a remodel, having detailed expectations and the projected expenses will eliminate costly surprises at the end of a can only come from the experience of many bathroom remodels. ComPetent Craftsmen Having people that