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Noun. An instance of a modification or a redecorating. ¹. ¹ Source: Definition of Remodeling. 1. remodel [v] – See also: remodel. Medical Definition of Remodeling. 1.

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Remodelling | remodel | remodeling remodeler [noun, related] To make over in structure or style; reconstruct. (8 of 23 words, pronunciation) www .yourdictionary .com /remodel

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Wuensch Construction can design and remodel your existing bathroom to create an environment built for your relaxation Wuensch derived from the German noun wünsch, which means wish: to have a strong desire for something.

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noun. A cyclical process Variant of remodel. transitive verb remodeled or remodelled, remodeling or remodelling. to model again; to make over; rebuild; Link/Cite; Synonyms . Sentence examples . How would you define this word? Add your helpful comment.

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To remodel her bedroom. 2 At the moment, we (study) examples in design magazines and appropriate noun from the list or use your own. Some nouns can be used with different adjectives. Verb Adjective (Past Participle) Adjective (-ing form)

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noun 1. temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension: Let's hold that problem in abeyance for a while. 2. reconcile, remodel, revise, shape, shape up*, square, suit, tailor Antonyms: disarrange, dislocate, disorder, disturb, unfit.

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To remodel the deep dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. noun. 64 pin 1. Fast full face Sublative Rejuvenation for improved skin tone and texture 2. Multiple tip configurations for various treatment protocols 44 pin

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noun. rearrangement, readjustment, reconstruction, reshaping, recasting, refurnishing, refurbishing, remodel; shrub; termination; trophic; underlie » more results Join YourDictionary today. Create and save customized word lists.

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Noun. makeover, renovation, rehab, restoration, transformation, alteration, conversion. Search Again! What is another word for remodel? What is another word for remodeled? What is another word for remodeler? What is another word for remonstrance?

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Scrutiny – Due May 5 Noun Definition: A close, careful examination or study. Sentence from book: The jury, thinking themselves It was much more convenient to buy a chifforobe from Sears than to remodel a bedroom or two. Chifforobe Synonyms: bureau, chest, chiffonier, dresser, highboy

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remodel +‎ -er. Noun . remodeler (plural remodelers) A person who remodels or does remodeling. French Etymology . From re-+‎ modeler. Verb . remodeler . To remodel; Conjugation . This verb