Remodeling a house without permits?

I inherited my family homestead, which was initially a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom 70s house. The house had asbestos, which was very expensive to remove, but I had it professionally done after they finished, nothing was left but studs and a subfloor. I secured the help of an incredible handyman to help me put the house back together again and I designed a new layout, myself, adding walls, which kept it a 3 bed bedroom house, but added 3.5 bathrooms, along with a new subfloor. All of this is being done without permits, including new electrical to replace the old aluminum knob and tube wiring and new plumbing and all being done to code. What problems, legal ramifications and/or fines would I face if I wanted sell the house in the future because there are no permits and a different floor plan from the original 70s debacle of a floor plan that is likely registered with the county?

You are not required to disclose that information. As long as the work is done correctly, don't fret it. At this point should the local jurisdiction become informed of the work occuring without a permit, they typically require you to obatin the permit and they would have an inspector/inspectors sign off on what they can inspect. You're going to get many answers on here saying things about fines and tearing things down. It's rare anything like that happens. They want the permit fee primarily. The plans for that house most likely have been purged years back. They keep the permits on file, but plans typically get discarded. If a purchaser hires a home inspector, he/she are looking for visible things not to current codes. An example of this, they typically note when a bathroom or kitchen area does not have GFCI outlets, even if the home was built prior to that code being in place. No one will ask about the permits for the improvements from a purchaser's side.