Review: The Epson Stylus TX 200 All-In-One Printer: A Great Printer for a Cheap Price

A few weeks ago, I bought an all-in-one Epson Stylus TX 200 printer, scanner and photocopier machine. I create my own artwork which I sell online and I wanted a printer that would scan my artwork and then make prints from it. After much research, I bought an Epson printer as they do get good customer reviews. I finally decided to buy an Epson TX 200 printer as the price was great (only $104) and customer reviews on it were good. Epson printers are also very popular in Asia and several friends have told me how much they love theirs.

I bought the Epson Stylus TX 200 printer at my local Carrefour supermarket. I live in Thailand and computers and printers tend to be pretty much the same price at every shop and Carrefour has a good selection of printers. So, while doing my weekly grocery shopping, I also added an Epson Stylus TX 200 printer to my shopping cart.

When I got home, I unpacked the printer and looked through all the cables and manuals that it came with. I was surprised to see that it comes with four printer cartridges (black, pink, yellow and blue), an electric cord to plug it into the outlet, and a USB cable. That was it. But, I unpacked everything and set about connecting the printer to my computer. Imagine my surprise when it took less than five minutes to get the Epson Stylus TX 200 printer connected and working. I’ve always had to struggle getting printers connected to my computer so this was a welcome change.

Once the Epson Stylus TX 200 printer was connected, I scanned a few pieces of artwork to check on the scanning quality. It scans up to 1200 dpi, so it’s not absolutely perfect quality, but it’s good enough for what I want to do – scan my artwork so I can list it for sale on a website. It also scans very quickly, with most pieces scanning perfectly in less than two minutes.

Later, I tried to make prints of two pieces of artwork and here was where minor problems started. Every time the artwork printed, the finished copy had horizontal, blue bands running all the way through it. I tried several things suggested in the manual and nothing worked. Eventually though, I ran the ‘Align Printer Heads’ function, and that completely solved my problem.

One thing I really like about the Epson Stylus TX 200 printer is that it comes with a pretty good manual and then also has good instructions on the scanner software that you load onto your computer. The two minor problems I had with the printer turned out to be easily solveable once I read the Help Section on the software program.

Since buying the Epson Stylus TX 200, I have probably scanned about 50 pieces of artwork. Each piece has scanned well, with some pieces requiring minor adjustments but nothing too difficult. The scanner software also allows you to either do a quick scan, or to use the Home Mode or the Professional Mode to get more precise scans. Once I’ve played with these settings, I’ve discovered that any minor scanning problems I had (colors being a little washed out, artwork not being very clear) were solved with just changing the settings.

The printing quality of the Epson Stylus TX 200 is average. It’s laserjet and the colors overall seem a little washed out. I haven’t tried printing photographs yet but printing my artwork on the Epson printer has been a little disappointing. I am going to try printing on different types of paper though, which hopefully might make a difference.

I have also used the Epson Stylus TX 200 all-in-one printer to photocopy documents and it photocopies very well. Photocopies run at up to 34 pages a minute, which is very fast, and it’s convenient to be able to run off a few photocopies at home. If I had large photocopying jobs to do though, I would probably do them at a photocopying shop as the print cartridges for the Epson Stylus are quite expensive.

Overall though, I’m very happy with the Epson Stylus TX Printer. It’s compact, so doesn’t take up a lot of space on the desk, it’s black and elegant looking and it’s easy to set up and to operate. This is my first Epson printer and, if all continues well, I would definitely buy another Epson printer. I would also recommend the Epson Stylus TX 200 for anyone who wants to be able to do basic scanning and photocopying, with some small reservations about the color quality of the prints.