Show Your (Decorating) Colors

(ARA) – Because of recent tragedies, Americans are looking more to home and family this year and want to create a safe and comforting haven in their homes. We are seeing a resurgence of national pride, as the flag is being flown everywhere. For many, money allotted for travel and entertainment will be re-channeled toward creating a refuge for our hearts, bodies and souls this fall and winter.

Something as simple as changing a light bulb from bright white to soft pink can make a room feel cozier. Filling in the empty spaces of a bookcase with books and symbols of our country will help to close-in a room. Draping tables, chests and chairs with old shawls or chenille throws depicting our flag will soften the area. Extra cushions with stars and stripes placed around the room, on chairs and even on the floor can add warmth.

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