Snowman Decorations: Best Selections For Your Holiday And Winter Decor

During the chillier months of the year, making snowmen from the fresh-fallen snow is a special treat that brings the family together. Snowmen are fun to make, have tons of holiday ties (Frosty the Snowman being the most famous), and leave a lasting impression that goes well beyond Christmas itself. It’s probably why styling your home, indoors and out, with snowman decorations is such a popular thing to do. Compared to most other Christmas icons, they belong as much to cold as they do Christmas. In that way, they can bring quick smiles to you, your family, and your guests for the entire winter season.

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Varieties Of Snowman Decorations

Because of their popularity, there’s a big variety of snowman decorations for you to choose from. They range from miniature figurines all the way to animated outdoor decorations, and nearly everything in between. There’s too many to cover them all, but below are some of the most popular styles you’ll find, along with some suggestions on how to use them around your home.

Snowman Christmas ornaments

These are a holiday staple! In fact, many people choose to decorate their tree solely in different varieties of snowmen ornaments along with a mixture of lights and tinsel. You’ll find them ranging from rustic snowman ornaments to more modern Frosty the Snowman styles.

Stuffed snowmen decorations

Like ornaments, stuffed snowman decorations come in a lot of types. Some are very modern, while others have a rustic design akin to country Christmas decorations. The latter are some of the more popular Christmas decoration styles on the market. These can sit on chairs throughout your home, along your mantels and tables, and even nestled against your Christmas tree base.

Snowman figurines

Figurines range from tiny to a foot or more tall, and they can find homes in some very creative places around your home. Snowman figurines can act as holiday centerpieces, accent pieces around the bottom of your Christmas tree, or as focal points on window sills to bring some joy to those outside the home.