Solar equipment payback time.

Almost all homesteaders want to use alternative energy, for some of

the reasons that make us want to become homesteaders in the first place:

It’s Earth-friendly and sustainable, it provides independence, and

the power itself is free.

But like most aspects of homesteading Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of simple, agrarian self-sufficiency. History
North America
In the United States, the Homestead Act (1862) allowed anyone to claim up to 160 acres (64.7 hm²) of land. , it’s not as simple as

it first appears. Many people are put off by the original cost of even a

modest wind or solar installation, or they’re overwhelmed by the

skills and technical knowledge required for do-it-yourselfers. And

almost everyone has questions.

Chris LaForge has the answers. He is the owner of Great Northern

Solar, which installed the wind and solar systems that power COUNTRYSIDE

magazine’s office, as well as such major projects as a dormitory at

Northland College Northland College is the name of several learning institutions:

  • Northland College (Wisconsin) in Ashland, Wisconsin, a small liberal arts college
  • Northland College (Kaikohe), a small high school at Kaikohe in the far north of New Zealand