Solar Power For Homes – Build Your Own Solar Panels Stop Paying Hefty Electricity Bills Now

While Global economies are undergoing their usual cycle of boom and bust, many households are left in the cold, literally, for not being able to pay their electricity bills. Many would really welcome the monthly savings from not having to pay utility bills and yet enjoy the warm comforts of basic facilities such as heating, power for home appliances etc. Building your own solar panels for home use is the answer to the solution. And many individuals are catching on to this, simply because sunlight is a totally free, renewable, clean source of energy. Collect it in its raw form, convert it into electricity and you are on your way to save up to 80% of your household monthl utility bills.

Key Tips For Building Your Own Solar Panels For Home

Get a good guide from those who have successfully created their own homemade solar energy system. The good ones come with thorough clear instructions on how to make, assemble and install your system. They include specific design diagrams, as well as directions on where and how to get the required parts, most of which are available at your friendly neighborhood hardware store. Pick those with member forums so that you could discuss your project with other likeminded members. There are only a handful which comes with step by step videos to walk through the entire process. Choose one of those and it will speed up your learning process by five folds.

If you think that this would be expensive, well think again, as this manual usually cost less than a good meal.

Remember that you need to tap on sunlight, so locate your panels directly facing the sun and the best place is your rooftop. Alternatively, you could locate at open unblocked space at your garden or backyard. Even if you only have one or two windows which are directly sun facing, if it is large enough to mount the panels, you are good to go.

How Much Do You Save With A Homemade Solar Power System?

By building your own solar panels you are able to save a good amount of money. Take for instance if you were to buy ready made solar panels, the cost of which would set you back at least 3000 dollars per panel. With a do it yourself solar panel, you spend less than 200 dollars, I have tried and built my own so I know the costs involved. All you need is a weekend and your solar panels can be up and running.

And this is not the end of the story, the best is yet to come. When you start using your solar panels, you will find you monthly electricity bills reduced by at least 80 percent. This savings is good throughout the lifespan of your solar panels.

On top of all the above, you will receive green tax credits, rid yourself of rising energy prices, and do your bit of against global warming.

There is no better alternative energy source than Free sunlight and there is no better time to start building homemade solar panels and start saving.