Spidery Homemade Decoration Ideas For Your Childs Spiderman Birthday Party

Spider man, the web-slinging crime fighter from comic books and movies have been very popular among kids and adults alike. This makes it one of the preferred themes for hosting parties, especially those of boys. If you have a little superhero fan in your home, hosting a Spider man birthday party will be the best way to make him feel special and pampered. Set the stage for your party by using Spiderman party supplies that will heighten the excitement among the kids. If you want to be creative and use only homemade decorations, here are some ideas that will help getting your guests into the swing of things.


Cobweb wall

Use a butcher paper to paint a city scene. Although these scene setters are readily available at stores selling Spider man party supplies, they are slightly expensive. Paste this on a blank wall that you want to be the center of attraction.

Cover the whole wall with spider web made of black yarn. Add cotton flakes, artificial snow sprays, and the plastic spiders to give it a realistic look. When done, it will look as if the entire city is covered by the cobweb.

Villain wall

Spider man villains are very famous. Why not dedicate a wall to all of them? On a blank wall, paste the images of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Venom, etc. Place a life-size cutout of Spider man near the wall to depict as if the hero is ready to fight with all of them.

Want to pamper your child and make him feel like a real hero? Make his life-size cutout and replace the Spider mans cutout with it. For making a cutout of your child, have him dressed up as a Spider man, click his picture, and take a large sized printout of it. Paste the picture on a cardboard and cut it through the edges of your childs body.

Mask Decorations

Make paper masks of Spider man villains and hang them from the ceiling. Take some printouts of the faces of villains and paste them on card stock. Cut them out along the edges. Cut eye holes and nostril holes and attach an elastic band at the back side to complete the mask. Spread them on the party table, hang them at the entry door, or use them for a dart game; these masks can be of great help. After your party is over, you can give them away as party favors.

These decoration ideas can give an exciting beginning to your Spiderman birthday party.