Spray Foam Insulation Cost

Spray foam insulation is one of the newest options made available when it comes to home insulation solutions. Many people are opting for this insulation due to its ease of installation and long term economical benefit.

While building your house, thinking about insulation is an important consideration. There are many options available, among which spray foam stands out as an insulation option which is ideal if you are thinking long term.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

It is a synthetic material created through the combination of organic and inorganic materials. There are different combinations of chemicals that make these materials. One type of material is created on site through a combination of organic resin polyols and isocyonate at specific temperature and pressure conditions. Through a chemical reaction, these two compounds combine to create polyurethane material. This material has the unique property of expanding to a substantially greater size (about 100 times) its actual volume.

This foam hardens in about four hours after application filling out all the space in which it is sprayed and creates a thermal blanket. It can effectively create an insulation barrier when sprayed on to wall cavities, concrete slabs, sheathing interior, drywalls and cavities in walls. It creates a barrier against air flow and moisture build up taking care of insulation as well as mold growth problems. It can strengthen a structure and insulate compact regions which are not normally accessible to conventional foaming techniques. A higher R-value (a measure of thermal resistance of a material) per unit volume qualifies it as an effective insulation material. There are environmental and health concerns raised regarding the toxicity of these materials if directly exposed to them. However if care is taken while installation and environmental exposure is limited through drywall cover, it can be a safe insulation material.

Cost Analysis

The cost is substantially more than the cost of installing conventional insulation. It costs about $13,000 to insulate a standard American home. This is about 70% more than the cost involved in installing other types like rigid fiber glass insulation. Through my research, I found that the typical cost per square foot is $1.25 to $3 in United States of America. However, the labor costs involved in installation can add up to this price making it close to $2.5 to $4 per square foot.

The installation of spray form insulation is best left to professionals due to the hazardous nature of the materials used and the requirement of special machinery. The local costs may vary a bit according to your location of living and labor costs. Calculate the heating costs that you pay every year and calculate the reduction in those costs that you can expect after installation, based on the R value it offers. If you find that the reduction in heating costs can effectively compensate for the high installation price over time, then go for it!

This type of insulation costs more than other conventional options. But it is a profitable option in the long term as advertised by manufacturers. It can save substantially on your heating costs in the future.