Successful Postcard Marketing For a Bathroom Remodeling Business

One of the factors that ensure success in postcard marketing is the design. People are likely to keep printed materials that have compelling design and eye-catching images. Therefore, postcard prints that stand out will gain attention and response from readers. Clear and unique message is another factor. Your readers will remember you if you send those prints that include bold and witty content. Your bathroom remodeling business will benefit from well-designed postcards – prints that let you stand out among your competition. The following are some tips to help you achieve success in your marketing campaign:

Postcard Marketing Tips for Bathroom Remodelers

o Create a distinct mailing list. Before you even start designing your copy, take time to decide who will be the focus of your marketing campaign. Focusing on the upper classes for luxury bathroom remodeling will need you to be more intricate in your design as well as in your text. On the other hand, if you are focusing on middle class clients, you can design your copy in a general but equally attractive approach. If using bathroom designs as background or image of the postcards, use appropriate designs for each market segment. Once you know who you want to send your prints to, you can start collecting mailing addresses and names.

o Come up with a tempting message. Encourage the readers to learn more about your services by including inviting and tempting messages in your copy. One idea you can use is that this: put in a photo of a simple yet stunning bathroom design. Then, entice your readers by asking questions like “Do you want your bathroom to look like this without spending too much?” Let them seek for more information about your company and the services as well as promotions that you offer. Don’t forget to include your full contact details in the copy.

o Retention through catchy taglines. As much as possible, create a tagline that will catch the attention of anyone giving your prints a glimpse. Put your taglines at the front page of the copy so your reader will see it first. For your bathroom remodeling business, you can create taglines like “Combining Beauty and Quality for Less – (Name) Bathroom Remodeling” or “Enjoy Staying in Your Bathroom Again” These are just examples and you can create a tagline that will best suit your business’ profile.

o Add coupons or discount cards. People love discounts and promotional offers. Why not use this to your advantage. Use one part of your postcard as a tear-off portion that the readers can use to receive a certain discount from any services that you offer. It can say “Present this coupon to get 10% discount on any bathroom remodeling job.”By sending postcards to the correct recipient and presenting them with persuasive copies, you can get people to check out your services. Careful planning and correct execution is the key to marketing success. Follow this principle as you make use of postcard marketing for your bathroom remodeling business. Likewise, you can use the ideas above.