Tacky Christmas Decorations?

My neighbor has tacky Christmas decorations. They include 3 blow up lawn decorations (one blow up Santa, one blow up snowman and one snow globe)


They also have light up reindeer on their lawn, as well as a mixture of white lights and then colored lights.

It's extremely distasteful.

Another neighbor of my is extremely annoyed also.

Can we write an anonymous letter to them asking them to tone it down? What do people think?

They also have a light up plastic santa. Plus, one of the blow up decoration is larger then there small ranch style home.

Okay, how is this inconveniencing you in any way? Are their decorations so big that it's encroaching on your own lawn? If not, then leave them alone and mind your own business. It's attitude like yours that make me glad I don't have neighbors like you.