Take Advantage of Green Technology When Remodeling

At one time or another all homeowners face the decision of remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or other living space. If you happen to be at this point and are looking to make a major change in your homes interior or exterior now is a good time to consider how it can also help improve your homes overall impact to the environment and energy consumption.

Modern construction design and materials have introduced many new environmental friendly and energy efficient product to the market that can drastically change your carbon footprint while still meeting the needs of the homeowner. You will find that today’s political climate has help to make the options far more cost efficient with significant tax credits for certain remodeling project that utilize energy saving technology.

I’m not suggesting that you have to go out and retro fit your house to make it an energy independent dwelling but if you going to make changes to your home anyway you might as well take advantage of the many tax incentives to reduce your costs as well as improve the eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency of your home. Before you make any decisions explore all the options in alternative materials, cost saving appliances and energy neutral additions you can make to your home. Fully review the tax credits and verify with your accountant or http://evergreen-remodeling.com that the building materials you select are eligible for the government tax incentives.

Things that can often qualify are new energy efficient appliances like water heaters, refrigerators and stoves. Lighting is another area that can have a huge impact on both energy and the environment. Consider looking at L.E.D lights as an alternative to incandescent lighting. While the replacement bulbs may be more expensive the life of the product and overall energy consumption make it a very attractive option. If your remodeling project includes installing any doors, windows or additional insulation many of these types of building supplies can also help to lower your heating bills and get you some tax credits. You may be looking at the option of expanding your home this is the time to consider using recycled building materials, and installing solar or wind power if you live in an area that makes this possible. There are just far too many eco-friendly options and incentives available not to give going “Green” a shot.