Technology and Home Schooling – 3 Ways to Use Computers in a Home Classroom

Technology and home schooling tend to go hand and hand. Like traditional school environments, your child should be learning to use the computer for research and writing papers. Discussed below are 3 ways to use computers in a home classroom.


The first way to use a computer in your home classroom benefits you, the teacher. The internet has a wide variety of curriculum ideas and study guides that you can tailor to suit your needs.

If your child is struggling in a particular subject and you cannot seem to break through to them, the internet has many items that can help you. There are virtual tutors, virtual schools, and online curriculum that can get you and your child through a difficult subject.

Sadly, your child may not spend the same amount of time that you did in the library, which will cut down on them learning how to research a specific topic. However, he or she can learn to research using the internet. You can give them a topic to research on the internet. Give them an hour to see what they can find, then discuss the different sites and the validity of information they found.

Having a computer in your home classroom can completely change the way your child learns and the way you teach. Using a computer will stimulate your child’s desire to research and learn more about a topic that interests them. With the number of educational websites and CD-ROMS, your child can find even more information than ever before.