The American Real Estate Investors Academy Announces Money Saving Discount Package for Real Estate Investors, Property Managers, Home Owners, and Business Owners

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

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The American-REIA has created a membership based discount savings club called the Gold Club to offer savings at national retailers like Lowes, Office Max, Sears Commercial, and many others. Membership in this discount savings club is open to all real estate investors, property managers, home owners, and business owners.

The discount program works like an annual coupon or clearance sale to a host of national vendors. Each company offers a special discount to members of the American-REIA Gold Club. Some examples include a 5% discount at nationwide home renovation supplier Lowes, there is also a 2% prompt payment discount that members can earn on top of the base savings at any Lowes store in the country. It doesn’t take a lot of home renovation before the savings start to pile up. Most homeowners would benefit from having access to a Lowes discount. Gold Club members will save an average of between 12-15% on all purchases at national office supply house Office Max. Anyone looking to refresh a room can save between 35-40% on paint and flooring at Sherwin Williams. Any Gold Club member looking to buy appliances can save between 14-20% off with Sears Commercial. Any member who has a big home repair to tackle can save money on tool rental with Sunbelt Rentals. The average savings at Sunbelt Rentals is 15-20% for Gold Club members. Tool rental is a money saver. Renting a big piece of machinery or heavy construction tool can be very cost affective for any home rehab project that includes an expensive piece of equipment. The real estate professional can either spend a lot of money on a one time use tool or they can rent that tool and save money. For Gold Club members, there is an added savings on the tool rental. Any homeowner can benefit from the real estate insurance discounts that the club has negotiated. In addition to these discounts that benefit nearly all homeowners, there are a number of other discounts available that are more closely related to real estate investors.

The entire program is designed to help real estate investors save money. Non investors who own houses or business entities can also save significant amounts of money. The Gold Club was built around retailers that already service the real estate industry. These more real estate specific vendors offer products like property management software, lock boxes; custom printed marketing products, signs, banners, magnets, odor control products, and much more. The goal of Gold Club is to create such an overwhelming amount of value that anyone should be able to save money with a membership.

One of the first real estate investors to take advantage of the program was Josh Caldwell from Western Pennsylvania. According to Mr. Caldwell, “My company buys and rehabs houses in the Pittsburgh area; we are always marketing for deals. I did my first big order of marketing products that say “Josh Buys Pittsburgh Homes” and I saved a lot over what I had been paying. The real savings came on my net rehab project. Saving 5% at Lowes and then getting the 2% bonus savings is amazing. When you are spending $30,000 on a single rehab, the discount program with Lowes saves me a ton of money. I love the Gold Club.”

The Gold Club and all of its associated discounts are also available to members of real estate clubs that are associated with the American Real Estate Investors Academy. The first two groups to take advantage of this program are the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association and the Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate Investors Association.

The discount program is for Gold Club members only. The cost to become a Gold Club member is $1 during the one month trial period and $4.95 after that. To start your one month trial period and to see if Gold Club membership is for you, simply click this link. For questions, comments, or to inquire about offering these benefits to a club or organization email Josh(at)american-reia(dot)com.

This process of joining the Gold Club is simple. Applicants follow a simple link to an application page. The application describes the program and then takes the applicant to a PayPal screen. Once the transaction is complete, the applicant is enrolled in the program. Follow up and support to help applicants take full advantage of the program is provided by the Community Buying Group. A real person will call the applicant and walk them through the enrollment process and answer any questions.